Made to Order "Retromotors" Quick Sketches by David Lloyd, Houston

by Vincent Friedewald

Hometown: Houston

Filed Under: You don't need a lot of money; just a favorite car, and an empty frame.

Overview: Custom, affordable, made-to-order paint sketches of your favorite vintage auto by the very talented David Lloyd, with a fast one-week-or-so turnaround. If you've never commissioned your own art before, here's your chance

Appreciate:  David Lloyd is widely known for his brilliant impressionistic works, which are usually acrylic on canvas, hang in fancy galleries, and cost, well, a lot more than these quick sketches. Lloyd does not accept commissions on his larger acrylic works, but does for what he calls these "retromotors" sketches. If you have a favorite old car (old meaning, 25 years or older), send a request to David (and a photo if you have one), and he'll sketch it out right away

Know: Pictured here is "Land Rover", an original 5x7 pencil and watercolor sketch on heavy weight archival oatmeal drawing paper. "Land Rover" and other retromotor sketches come center mounted on an 8x10 sheet and a mat surround with a 5x7 opening. They fit nicely in an 8x10 frame (not included)

Special Comments: The retromotor sketches are a good entry-level introduction to David Lloyd's talent.  When you're ready for the big time, make sure you have a look at his original acrylics on canvas. Cars are among his subjects in that medium, too; but we are especially fond of his Interiors, especially Red Room

Cost: $45 for commissioned sketches; for original, non-commissioned sketches: $39

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See David Lloyd's gallery-quality acrylics: Here.