This is Diego, waiting for you here every week. Come visit him.

This is Diego, waiting for you here every week. Come visit him.

About The Diego Files


My name is Vincent Friedewald, and here's what you should know:

There are two things I love a little more than everything else I love. One of them is my dog, Diego. The other is the State of Texas.

So, that's the short of it: The Diego Files is a simple blog about great Texas products and places, and I named it after my dog. I hope you like what you see. 





If you'd like to know a little more, the longer story goes like this:

A while back, I started cataloging Texas-based artists, artisans, authors, inventors, manufacturers, craftsmen, and designers, and the things that they make.

It was a hobby, something to satisfy my admiration for entrepreneurs, in part. But as a proud Texan, I also had a desire to own Texas things. If choosing between a baseball glove from Ohio or Texas, for example, I wanted to buy the Texas one.  But did Texas even have a baseball glove maker? I wanted to know. (Yes, it does.)

Over time, I ended up with a fairly extensive database of of Texas products, the largest of its kind anywhere, as far as I know. And reviewing the photos I'd gathered one day, I was struck by the visual contrast among the products:  spurs and saké, board shorts and bicycles, tool levels and chocolate sauce. 

Texas, I was discovering, was even bigger than I thought.

I decided it would be fun to share what I had learned, to show the world the contrasting, exceptional talent of Texas. 

To that end, I launched The Diego Files in early 2012. Since then, every week or so, I've been sharing new photos and written features that express the ingenuity and industry of my fellow Texans. 

The products I feature range from the practical to the fantastic. Some products are distinctly "Texas", while others you might never know are from here if I hadn't told you.

Mixed among the Texas products are photos and features of Texas places. These include vacation spots and other unique destinations around Texas, as well as restaurants and wide open spaces in Austin, where I live, and the sights I observe on my morning walks with Diego.  You may also view additional photos in my Instragram stream, or at my personal website.

If you like what you see here, you'll love the book that was inspired by The Diego Files. In late 2013, my team and I at No. 4 St. James published Texas Works: Products & Portraits of Talent, a beautiful coffee-table style book celebrating nearly 100 outstanding Texas-based product brands, many of which have been featured here on The Diego Files. You can buy a copy here, or here

I love Texas. The Diego Files is my way of showing you why. I very much hope you like what you see.

On behalf of my best friend, Diego, I am, for Texas,

Vincent Friedewald, Curator in Chief         


That's me, wondering why the ocean isn't as awesome as Texas.

That's me, wondering why the ocean isn't as awesome as Texas.

A Few Special Notes

The Diego Files always makes its best good-faith effort to accurately describe the products in our database, and in most cases has interviewed and/or communicated with the product owner regarding the feature, so accuracy is typically assured. If you wish to correct a description we've provided, however, please send us a note through our Contact page.

Written features are the copyright of The Diego Files, all rights reserved. Images within each Gallery are accompanied by an identification of the image’s copyright owner. Always contact the copyright owner directly for permission to republish their photographs. If you are republishing pursuant to fair use, make sure you identify the copyright, give credit to the copyright owner, and link back to the owner’s website, not to The Diego Files.

Know of a great Texas product that should be featured on The Diego Files? Please visit our Contact page to send us a message. Diego and I would love to hear from you.